We provide survey and mapping services using GPS, drone and conventional surveying practices. We also provide civil engineering consulting in the following areas:
G&ES is a full service civil engineering and land surveying firm serving a variety of clients in both the private and public sectors. We have worked all over Pakistan and overseas including Afghanistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. We have provided services on projects in the following disciplines:
  • Airports
  • Drone Imagery
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Area Development
  • Hydropower
  • Thermal Power
  • Power Transmission
  • Roads / Highways & Railways
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Overseas Projects
  • Miscellaneous
  • Construction Supervision
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  • unops
  • NHA
  • sial
  • fitcher
  • k-electric
  • city-surveys
  • papco
  • saman
  • ilf
  • ecsp
  • oasis
  • national-transmision
  • riyadh-geotech
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  • gymkhana
  • punjab-healthcare
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G&ES has completed over 350 projects of various nature and complexity since our inception.
About Us
G&ES stands for quality of service to clients and professional satisfaction of the employees. In today's demanding and complex industry; businesses must rely on experienced and qualified individuals to manage their projects.

G&ES is the only firm Chartered Land Surveying firm in Pakistan. It is headed by a graduate engineer and a Chartered Land Surveyor with over 40+ years of Survey, Mapping and Project Management experience of large projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Libya, Iran, Nigeria, Indonesia, Oman and Pakistan.

Building upon our success, G&ES skills are being utilized both domestically in Pakistan as well as overseas. G&ES has worked on projects in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan.

We strive to establish proper standards and practices in the field of surveying and engineering consulting. Our goal is to provide
“Value and Quality”
to our clients by performing superior professional design, planning and surveying services on every project we undertake.

We provide high quality services to our clients and are also committed to maintaining excellence, respect, and integrity in all aspects of our professional and business conduct. We strive to reflect the highest ethical standards in our relationships with our clients.
Our mission
Our vision is to be recognized by our clients as their best partner in the development, delivery and management of
superior engineering and design solutions.

Our mission is to consistently deliver innovative solutions reinforced by responsive client service and a
commitment to quality and excellence.

Core Values
We invest in our people. At G&ES, we constantly enhance our professional knowledge and skills by staying abreast of the dynamic changes and technological advancements utilized by our clients and the industry.

We believe in partnering with our clients to help ensure their success. We are consistently driven to contribute to our clients’ ability to reach their business goals. After all, we succeed when our clients succeed.

We never compromise on our commitment to quality. The core of what we do is ensuring engineering and design integrity. This defines who we are and our commitment to excellence.

We give back to our communities. Through a variety of community engagement programs, we do our small part to make the world a better place.

We are committed to diversity. The richness of our relationships and the success of our pursuits, individually or collectively, are influenced by the extent to which we respect, listen to and appreciate one another irrespective of differences. In fact, diversity, in all of its forms, is the cornerstone of creativity and innovation.
We are equipped with modern surveying and mapping instruments including echo sounders, geodetic class Leica and FOIF GPS, handheld GPS etc.
Total Stations:
Topcon GPT-3502LN (Reflectorless; Upto 2km Range)1 Ruide R21 Sokkia Set 530 R + Accessories (Japan Made)1 Sokkia Set 610 K + Acessories (Japan Made)1 Sokkia Set 630 R 1 DADI Total Station (Chinese Made) + Accessories1 Leica TPC 407 (Swiss made) + Accessories1 Nikon DTM 332 (Japan)1
Automatic Leveling Instruments:
Leica NA - 728 2 Wild NA-2 # 407453 & 5396592
Ruide RL32 1
Electronic Leveling instrument:
Leica Sprinter + Bar coded Staves1
Kolida + Bar coded Staves 1
GPS Units :
Leica GPS 530 + RTK (Dual Frequency units)-DGPS6 Leica GPS 1200 + RTK (Dual Frequency units)-DGPS2 FoiF A30 GPS (1 base + 2 Rovers)3 Magellan SporTrak Triton1 Magellan SporTrak 1 GARMIN GPS 121 GARMIN etrex 30 Handheld GPS3 GARMIN etrex Legend Handneld GPS1
Phantom 4 Pro 1
SonarMite Model SM31 SonarMite Model SM41
Laser Distometer2   Wild Plane Table Alidade - RK1 #3673031 Wild Theodolite T-2 (1") 1   Hand Level 1 Abbney Level2 Prismatic Compass2   Barometer 1 Binoculars2 Digital Cameras3
6-persons inflatable boat for Hydrographic Surveys with outboard motor 1
Contact Us
We're very approachable and would love to speak to you. Feel free to call, send us an email or complete the enquiry form.
Our Geographical Coordinates:     N 31°29’16.78”   |   E 74°19’34.29”
29-30 Bank Square, Model Town,
Lahore - 54700, Pakistan
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